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I have been in the political polling business for more than 20years, conducting and analyzing political polls and focus groups for Democratic candidates and market research surveys for major corporations. My experience includes work with pollsters Harrison Hickman, Paul Maslin, Kirk Brown, Celinda Lake, Stan Greenberg and the last 12 with my partners David Petts and Anna Bennett in the firm Bennett, Petts and Blumenthal.

My academic background includes a Political Science degree from the University of Michigan and course work towards a Masters degree at the Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM) at the University of Maryland. I have also served as a guest lecturer at the Communications School at American University and at training seminars sponsored by EMILY’s List, the Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

Disclosure: I am a Democratic pollster, and as such conduct research for Democatic candidates for office, mostly at the Congressional or Statewide level. On this blog, I will refrain from commenting on polling in any race in which we are also polling. The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and may not reflect those of my business partners or our clients.

Why "Mystery Pollster?" That name was the anonymous alias blogger Mickey Kaus gave me when he printed excerpts from emails I sent him. Kaus always knew my name; he just chose to keep it off the record. When I decided to start blogging it seemed natural to keep the name. I liked the ring of it, especially the play on “demystifying,” and the subtle homage to Kaus, who kindly alerted the blogosphere to the existence of this blog.